Phase 1 : Smokin it up 🚬
- Create a collection of 2222 faded foxes - Set up discord and twitter- Collab with other projects- Give out 2222 whitelist spots- Determine a mint date- Distribute tokens - END OF MINT
Phase 2 : Hunting Season 🔫
- Get listed on ME- Set up Holder Verification- Add 500 SOL into LP for staking token $FADE- Come out with staking system- Raffle NFTs using $FADE
Phase 3: Foxpad Launch 🚀
- Release our own launchpad and doxing service to ensure a rug free ecosystem.- Open up applications for projects to be on our launchpad- Holders will receive 50% of revenue made from launchpad (We will take 7% of the mint money of the projects which will launch on the Foxpad)- Only staked Foxes receive revenue.
Phase 4: Forming a pack 🦊
- Send your Fox on a mission to find a pack and go hunt for $FADE, the hunt will last 15 days and you will receive 1.5x more $FADE (Price to set your fox on a mission will be revealed once token is made)
Phase 5: Legendary Foxes ⚡
- There will be 10 1/1 Legendary Faded foxes, these foxes will receive 5x $FADE coin from normal staking, the auctions will be held in SOL (75% of ALL auctions will go to the community wallet , Votes will be held for what the money is used for in the wallet)
Phase 6: Finding a lady fox 👧
- Gather enough $FADE to mint a Female Fox, Female foxes earn a additional 1.5x $FADE from normal staking. (females will not be able to form a pack and hunt)- Female foxes will also be listed on ME